Vision for 2020
In 2013 the Town Council formed a number of Town Plan Working Groups who completed a Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15. This can now be read on-line or downloaded here. Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15 (3612) and Vision 2020 - Core Data Booklet (2594)

The Town Council’s working groups are presently implementing this Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15.
However,  the Town Council would like to know your views,  suggestions,  objections or comments,  so please send them by email here or write to Hexham Town Council,  Council Office,  St Andrew’s Cemetery,  Hexham NE46 3RR.

The Town Plan 2013 version is also available for you to read on-line or download. 2013 Town Plan in Full (1885)

Council Projects

Skating Rink 231113

Hexham’s first skating rink – November 2013


Through Councillors who represent the Hexham Town Council on many town groups and organisations,  the Town Council is involved in many significant projects and development activities. Some of these it helps to fund through grant aid. These include Number 28,  a regeneration activity in the East of the town,  Hexham Youth Initiative,  and the Hexham Community Partnership.


The Council also gets involved in some special time-limited projects. Taking Autumn 2013 as an example period,  the special projects the Council was involved in included:


  • BBC Children in Need – the Council supported the preparation for this unique and most valuable event;
  • Countdown to Christmas – working with traders and other groups to promote the town’s commercial interests by ensuring there was an attractive programme of Hexham events every weekend in the run-up to Christmas,  for residents and increased numbers of visitors,  including Hexham’s first skating rink;
  • planning with Armed Forces representatives to do real justice to Remembrance Day and show the town’s pride in our young women and men on Armed Forces Day;
  • Bandstand Appeal – to completely refurbish the town’s grand old bandstand in the Abbey Gardens;
  • Hexham 2020 – building on the existing Town Plan to plan an ambitious future for Hexham with a strong vision for Hexham based on discussion and action; beyond 2013 this will be an additional vehicle for the Council’s involvement in a wide range of developments in the town;
  • Hexham Town Centre Benchmarking Survey,  inviting residents to give their views on the town centre and its uses,  in collaboration with Northumberland County Council and Action for Market Towns;
  • the first edition of ‘Hexham Matters’ (now renamed ‘HexPress’)  –  the Hexham newsletter produced by collaboration between Hexham Community Partnership and the Town Council.

Spook Night casts a different light on Hexham

Santa is welcomed in Hexham Market Place by the Hexham Village Band, 30th November 2013