Temporary traffic changes in Hexham town centre


Temporary traffic changes are being introduced around Hexham’s Market Place to help safeguard the public and support the recovery of the town centre after the easing of lockdown.

As the town centre becomes busier, further measures are being brought in to help safeguard the public and support the town’s economic recovery by making it easier and safer for people to follow social distancing guidance and reduce the risks of infection from Covid-19.

You can view the changes here

Now a temporary one-way traffic system will be in place every day (except between 9am and 5pm on Saturday as during this period road closures will be in place to enable the temporary pedestrianisation of the area). Measures are being introduced on Saturday, August 8th, the day of the next Farmers Market.

The one-way system will run from the north end of Beaumont Street opposite the Abbey car park, with vehicles able to travel past the Abbey and down Market Street, with the one-way traffic restriction ending at the junction between Cowgarth and Market Street.

As part of the one-way system there’ll also be a temporary road closure midway down Hallstile Bank to prevent this from being a through route for vehicles. It will still be possible for vehicles travelling on the one-way system to turn into Market Place which will remain open to two-way traffic.

The second change is the temporary road closure and pedestrianisation of Market Place (except for access to off street premises) every Saturday from 9am to 5pm, from 8th August.

There will be no provision for through traffic and all vehicles will have to leave the area via Beaumont Street.

To create this pedestrian space there will be several temporary road closures. This will include a road closure at the north end of Beaumont Street opposite the Abbey car park. Several of the on-street parking bays opposite the Abbey car park entrance will also be taken out of use so there is sufficient space for vehicles to turn around and travel back up Beaumont Street. 

The temporary road closure on Market Street will be at the junction with Cowgarth, so vehicles are able to turn around at this point.

More information can be found on the County Council’s website