Public Art Installation – The Sele, Hexham


Hexham Town Council would like to invite anyone and everyone from Hexham and beyond to participate in a natural public art installation on the Sele, Hexham to mark the COP climate conference in Glasgow.

On Saturday 30th October Councillor Alison Smith and international artist, Carl Von Weiler, will set out the outline of a tree on the slope of the Sele. From Sunday 31st Oct when the COP26 conference begins until Friday 12th Nov, members of the public, families, schools, community groups and anyone else who is interested will be able to come down and contribute to the tree using fallen leaves and other natural finds from gardens, woodland or around the Sele itself. We are recommending that leaves are attached using spent matches pushed firmly through the leaf into the ground.

Feel free to write a message of hope for the future on one or more of your leaves. We are hoping that by contributing to this art installation people will feel a sense of wellbeing, belonging and community.

So please come along, contribute to the tree and maybe reflect on Nature – showing how by responsible guardianship of it we can create a better world for us all to live in.