A Time Travellers’ Flash Mob

Saturday 24th September starting at 12.22pm


Everyone around and about is invited to come along to Hexham Marketplace to join in a mad afternoon of high japes and fun entertainment!


Prepare to be amazed as time travellers from the last 800 years come forth to join in our celebrations of 800 years since the first Hexham Market Charter was signed. There will be famous Hexham people such as Hannah Glasse  and the Duke of Somerset dropping by (I do hope the Duke doesn’t lose his head again!) and there will be everyday people from the past too, will George Lee get caught washing his pants in the pant again? What on earth is going on with all the pigs running around the marketplace? All these questions and many other questions you did not know you had will be answered in an afternoon of history, fun, frivolity and a touch of poignancy because Hexham’s history wasn’t always a happy one.


The Town Criers and The Mayor will be there as will; Boho Arts, Newcastle Array, Stage Fright, Tynedale Community Choir, A Batida da Rua, Orla Doogan School of Irish Dance, The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Studio K and a very special memory being shared by Gateway into the Community and the High Sheriff of Northumberland.

The afternoon of street theatre will be happening right in the middle of the marketplace. Bring a chair if you need a seat and get comfy!


There will also be displays in the Old Gaol and a display in Hexham Abbey by Northumberland Archives, the Guides and Brownies will be sharing some traditional games on the market and there will be activities in the Library. A street artist will be immortalizing the scene and you will be able to watch and interact with them. It is going to be a lively day.


Please don’t be put off by any rain – we will be ploughing on through despite any bad weather, with a few undercover options if it gets really bad.

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