Electric Dreams

Hexham Town Council recently organized its inaugural Combined Home Energy and Electric
Vehicle event, attracting over 400 enthusiastic residents eager to explore sustainable energy
solutions and electric transportation options. Held at the central Hexham Abbey Car Park, the
event proved to be a resounding success in connecting attendees with various suppliers and
experts in the field.

One of the many highlights of the event was the impressive lineup of electric vehicles on display,
showcasing the diversity and advancement in electric mobility. From the sleek Nissan Leafs
provided by Wylam Garage to the innovative MG4s courtesy of Arnold Clarke Hexham,
attendees had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the latest in electric vehicle
technology. Tesla Newcastle also joined the fray, their cutting-edge Tesla model. Additionally,
BMWs from LLoyd Carlisle and Durham Car Club added to the array of options available,
catering to different preferences and budgets. Notably, even a trusty 2014 Leaf, with 75,000
miles and valued at £3,500, demonstrated the longevity and reliability of electric vehicles.
Meanwhile, Hexham Library served as a hub of knowledge on home energy solutions, hosting
suppliers such as HE Servicing, JP Westall, myEnergi, and Tyne Valley Wind and Solar.
Residents had the opportunity to engage with experts, ask questions, and learn about a wide
range of sustainable energy options, including solar panels, home batteries, heat pumps, and
wind energy. Additionally, ‘rideelectric’ showcased their electric bikes, offering an eco-friendly
alternative for local commuters.

The event received significant support from various organizations, including the Northumberland
County Council Warm Homes Team, which provided valuable information on grants for
low-income households. Furthermore, Community Action Northumberland offered independent
energy advice, empowering residents to make informed decisions about their energy
consumption and sustainability practices.

Councilor Mike Domingue, who spearheaded the event, expressed delight at the overwhelming
turnout and positive response from the community. “We are thrilled to see such strong interest in
sustainable energy solutions and electric vehicles here in Hexham,” they said. “Events like
these not only raise awareness but also provide practical resources and support for residents
looking to embrace a greener lifestyle.”

As the drive to reduce costs, emissions and dependence on foreign and unstable energy
markets continues, initiatives like the Combined Home Energy and Electric Vehicle event in
Hexham are shining examples of councils’ efforts to show civic leadership in supporting
residents to address global issues in their own communities, and to also showcase businesses
that can help. The event was as much appreciated by the suppliers and businesses as by the
public, all of which supports both residents and Northumberland’s flourishing small business
landscape.The council is grateful to the support from volunteers and local residents who helped
promote and steward the event, and hopes to hold more similar events in future.