Vision for 2020
In 2013 the Town Council formed a number of Town Plan Working Groups who completed a Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15. This can now be read on-line or downloaded here. [Download not found] and [Download not found]

The Town Council’s working groups are presently implementing this Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15.
However,  the Town Council would like to know your views,  suggestions,  objections or comments,  so please send them by email here or write to Hexham Town Council,  Council Office,  St Andrew’s Cemetery,  Hexham NE46 3RR.

The Town Plan 2013 version is also available for you to read on-line or download. [Download not found]

Council Budget

Background to the Hexham Town Council Budget

Hexham Town Council,  like other town and parish councils,  receives most of its income by precepting. The precept is an instruction to the principal authority (in Hexham’s case this is Northumberland County Council) to raise money on behalf of the town council by including an appropriate sum in the council tax bill.

The precept for 2018/19 is £318,000.00.

There are no controls as such on the amount that town councils can precept,  but every council is aware of the significance of its own decision on this and council tax payers –  electors –  can always vote out councils or council members they disagree with at election time. Also the auditor will not condone the building up of a substantial reserve in a town council’s bank account,  unless it is earmarked for particular future projects.

Town and parish councils may only spend money on those things which they are permitted to do by law. This includes expenditure on services and activities (e.g. playing fields,  local amenities etc) provided by themselves or some other body,  as well as on running costs (e.g. staff pay,  insurance etc). Generally there are no maximum limits on expenditure. However,  expenditure incurred under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972,  the ‘free spending power’,  is restricted currently (2017) to a total of £7.86 per elector,  in any year,  a figure that is annually uplifted in line with inflation.

Town and parish council accounts are balanced on an annual basis,  1st April – 31st March.

Download the 2018 – 2019 Budget
2018-19 Town Council Budget (134 downloads)

Download the Audit Report for the year ended 31 March 2018

Audit for Year Ended 31 March 2018 (38 downloads)

Hexham Town Council’s budget

Hexham Town Council aims to keep its precept as low as is realistically possible. Each council tax paying household in Hexham contributes on average about £74.20 in this current year.

The Town Council owns St Andrew’s Cemetery and the three allotment sites in the town, for which there is both further income and expenditure.

The Council’s income and expenditure is monitored closely and all accounts for payment and all income received are approved and recorded at every monthly Council meeting.

Town Council expenditure falls into 5 main categories:-

running costs – e.g. staff, office costs, insurance

town services – e.g. allotments, seats, play areas, litter bins, floodlights, bus shelters

commemorations and celebrations – e.g. Christmas lights, Remembrance Day

community – e.g. grants to organisations, town twinning

cemetery – e.g. maintenance and running costs.