Planning Applications

Applications for planning permission are handled by a Council Committee

Planning Applications

All planning applications in Hexham are considered by the Council’s Planning and Infrastructure Committee. Any comments or objections are sent to the Planning Authority (County Council) which approves or refuses planning permission.

Following the referendum on 6 May 2021, the Hexham Neighbourhood Plan (HNP) has been formally “made” and become part of the statutory development plan for Northumberland. The Planning Authority must therefore consider the HNP for all applications within the Hexham parish boundary. A significant part of the HNP addresses sustainability and the Committee has agreed that all planning applications relating to new builds, alterations or extensions should comply with the Neighbourhood Plan’s goal of reducing Hexham’s carbon footprint, through use of  insulation and glazing. Ideally, plans should be submitted that give specific details of the carbon reduction measures to be used, such as how thick the insulation is and standard of glazing.

The Committee would also like the protection of existing wildlife to be considered, together with applications outlining measures to enhance the habitat to encourage more if possible.

For further information on the HNP please see here. 

The Committee also supports the Hexham Shopfront Design Guide and is unlikely to support an application that does not comply with this. The Guide is available here.