Vision for 2020
In 2013 the Town Council formed a number of Town Plan Working Groups who completed a Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15. This can now be read on-line or downloaded here. [Download not found] and [Download not found]

The Town Council’s working groups are presently implementing this Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15.
However,  the Town Council would like to know your views,  suggestions,  objections or comments,  so please send them by email here or write to Hexham Town Council,  Council Office,  St Andrew’s Cemetery,  Hexham NE46 3RR.

The Town Plan 2013 version is also available for you to read on-line or download. [Download not found]


We hope you find your Town Council website both useful and interesting.

We think we should try to explain the different responsibilities of Hexham Town Council and Northumberland County Council before we offer you any advice or guidance or suggest who you might contact to solve a problem.

To read this, please click here.

To contact Northumberland County Council, use or ring 0345 600 6400.

The County Council has a contact and information point in Hexham at the Queen’s Hall on Beaumont Street.

The Town Council has limited direct responsibilities,  covering the cemetery,  allotments,  playgrounds and local grant aid. It is also prepared to lobby hard on Hexham’s behalf and on behalf of its residents. Through the involvement of Town Councillors in an increasing number of town-based organisations and projects,  the Council is having a wider positive impact in the town. But Councillors really are there for you,  elected to assist the people of Hexham in whichever way they can. They are involved in very many of the things that happen in the town and they can become involved in other ways to serve your best interests.

If your concern is about a Town Council issue,  a ward councillor  will know who best can resolve the problem or to which committee to refer the matter. For information on Hexham Council committees,  follow this link.

If you have needed to contact the County Council to resolve a problem or receive information and you are not pleased with the response,  still do contact a Town Councillor. You will be listened to and offered advice or help. They can put you in touch with your County Councillor,  as all three Hexham County Councillors are also Town Councillors.


How you can become more involved

The Town Council meetings are advertised on the Notice Board outside the Moot Hall as well as on this website. Anybody can attend and watch local democracy in action. If you want to be more involved,  speak to one of the Councillors who will put you in touch with the right contact person. Don’t forget,  volunteers of all ages are needed for all kinds of activities;  there is sure to be something you can contribute.


There are still some unanswered questions,  where do I go?  There is a wealth of material on this Town Council website,  including information on what’s happening,  details of upcoming events and much more. There are also links to other useful websites dealing with Local Government,  Travel &Transport,  Education and schools,  Business,  Local Information,  Help and Advice,  The Environment,  Police,  Health and The Arts.