Traffic Regulation Order Notices

Information on current and forthcoming traffic order notices in Hexham.

Current Traffic Regulation Orders

Please see below a list of current and forthcoming traffic order notices.

Traffic orders, or notices, are the official documents through which Northumberland County Council can introduce (or remove) temporary or permanent restrictions or physical measures on the public highway.

They may also be used for temporary road closures, for example for works, or special events.

130425664 Ashwood Road

TTRO 130313257 Eastgate


129271444 B6305 Hencotes

Amendment TTRO 129223718 U8289 Whetstone Bridge Road, Hexham

TTRO Jubilee Beacon

128892902 U8294 Fellside

U8290 Eilansgate Terrace Kingsgate Terrace Back Lane

TTRO 128065001 Wydon Park amendment

128633641 U8294 Hillcrest Drive

128065001 Wydon Park

128065001 U9293 Wydon Park Hexham

128019008 A6079 Station Road Hexham

127712229 U8290 St Mary’s Chare, Hexham

123448131 U8296 Yarridge Road, Hexham

127430835 Highford Lane,