The Council provides over 100 allotments. These are at Quatre Bras, Wydon Park and Dene Park.

The Council has three allotment sites: one at Quatre Bras (near the Broadway) one at Dene Park (rear of Monk’s Terrace) and one at Wydon Park (south of Wydon reservoir). Some plots at Quatre Bras have been halved as the normal size plot proved too large for some people to keep under cultivation. When you put your name on the waiting list you have the choice of a whole plot or a half size one.

Allotment cultivation has become a very popular pastime and there is strong demand for allotments so unfortunately the Council currently has a long waiting list.

Tenancies are yearly and commence each 1st October.  Allotment rents are reviewed by the Council annually and any rental changes take effect on the tenancy anniversary date.

If you have anything you wish to have dealt with urgently,  please contact the Town Clerk, Jane Kevan, who has day to day responsibility for the allotment sites. She can be contacted on 01434 609575 or 07710 053732.

You can write at any time to Hexham Town Council,  Council Office,  St Andrew’s Cemetery,  West Road,  Hexham NE46 3RR.

You can download an allotment application form here.