Vision for 2020
In 2013 the Town Council formed a number of Town Plan Working Groups who completed a Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15. This can now be read on-line or downloaded here. [Download not found] and [Download not found]

The Town Council’s working groups are presently implementing this Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15.
However,  the Town Council would like to know your views,  suggestions,  objections or comments,  so please send them by email here or write to Hexham Town Council,  Council Office,  St Andrew’s Cemetery,  Hexham NE46 3RR.

The Town Plan 2013 version is also available for you to read on-line or download. [Download not found]

Fairtrade Town

Hexham – Proud to be a Fairtrade Town

Hexham - Fairtrade Town
On the 15 January 2009,  Hexham became the first town in Tynedale to be awarded Fairtrade Town status by the Fairtrade Foundation. The Fairtrade Foundation is the independent non-profit organisation that licenses use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. It also promotes the national Fairtrade Town campaign. A Fairtrade Town is a town,  city,  village,  county,  zone,  island or borough that has made a commitment to supporting Fairtrade and using products with the FAIRTRADE Mark. Community organisations,  faith groups,  businesses,  schools and individuals all contribute to making their area a Fairtrade Town by pledging to do what they can to support Fairtrade and promote the FAIRTRADE Mark.Local council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade,  and agrees to serve Fairtrade products (for example,  in meetings,  offices and canteens).


To become a Fairtrade Town five goals must be met:

  1. A range of Fairtrade products are readily available in the area’s retail outlets (shops,  supermarkets,  newsagents and petrol stations) and served in local catering outlets (cafés,  restaurants,  pubs).
  2. Local workplaces and community organisations (places of worship,  schools,  universities,  colleges and other community organisations) support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products whenever possible.
  3. Media coverage and events raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the community.
    A local Fairtrade steering group is convened to ensure the Fairtrade Town campaign continues to develop and gain new support.

Hexham - Fairtrade Town

The campaign to make Hexham a Fairtrade Town was started by a group of local residents in 2007 and an application for Fairtrade Town status was submitted at the end of 2008. Status was awarded in January 2009. In their response to the application,  the Fairtrade Foundation said: “Congratulations on achieving Fairtrade Town status for Hexham. Doing so is a fantastic achievement but do please remember that this is only the start of Hexham’s Fairtrade journey and that there is always more to do. It has been a great pleasure to learn more about all you have achieved and the obvious impact your hard work has had. We have been particularly impressed by the strong resolution and support you have gained from Hexham Council.“  image: Hexham Courant

Links to relevant articles in Hexham Courant:

• The Hexham Fairtrade Town campaign is launched in March 2007
• Hexham Town Council gives its full support to the Hexham Fairtrade Town in July 2008
• Queen Elizabeth High School is awarded Fairtrade School status in November 2008
• Hexham becomes the first Fairtrade Town in Tynedale in January 2009
• Hexham celebrates its Fairtrade Town status during Fairtrade Fortnight,  March 2009

Other useful websites:
The Fairtrade Foundation was established in 1992 by CAFOD,  Christian Aid,  New Consumer,  Oxfam,  Traidcraft and the World Development Movement. It licences the Fairtrade Mark in the UK and raises awareness about Fairtrade. Visit the Fairtrade Foundation website.
Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) is an umbrella organization that unites 20 labelling initiatives in 21 countries and Fairtrade Certified Producer Organisations in Central and South America,  Africa and Asia. Visit the FLO website.