Vision for 2020
In 2013 the Town Council formed a number of Town Plan Working Groups who completed a Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15. This can now be read on-line or downloaded here. [Download not found] and [Download not found]

The Town Council’s working groups are presently implementing this Draft Hexham Vision 2020 & Town Plan 2014/15.
However,  the Town Council would like to know your views,  suggestions,  objections or comments,  so please send them by email here or write to Hexham Town Council,  Council Office,  St Andrew’s Cemetery,  Hexham NE46 3RR.

The Town Plan 2013 version is also available for you to read on-line or download. [Download not found]

Town Councillors

There are 14 Councillors on Hexham Town Council. They are elected on Local Election Day (usually a Thursday in early May) to serve for a four year term. If a Councillor steps down,  a by-election may be held and the newly elected Councillor will serve for the rest of the current term.

Town Councillors are entitled to small allowances but the Councillors have voted not to receive these (unless for example a Councillor undertakes significant travel on behalf of the Town Council).

Hexham is represented on Northumberland County Council by three County Councillors.


Town Councillors are elected in 3 Hexham wards,  each returning multiple Councillors,  as follows:

Hexham Gilesgate (Central): 5 Councillors,  covering Wydon Park,  Priestlands,  Hextol,  Hencotes,  Beaumont Street, Lower Cockshaw, Lower Eilansgate,  Haugh Lane,  Tyne Green,  Hallstile Bank and Gilesgate.

Hexham Priestpopple (East): 5 Councillors,  covering Dipton Mill Rd,  Loughbrow and Hackwood Parks,  Maidens Walk,  White Cross,  Woodlands,  Eastwood Grange,  Alemouth Road,  Peth Head and Priestpopple.

Hexham Leazes (West): 4 Councillors,  covering Beaumont Park and Highford Park,  Causey Hill,  Whetstone Bridge,  Allendale Rd,  Beech Hill,  Shaftoe Leazes,  Millfield,  upper Cockshaw,  upper Eilansgate and Leazes.


Councillors’ Interests

Please note that the Town Council keeps original paper copies and a register of members’ interests but that Northumberland County Council maintains a list of Councillors’ interests available from the NCC web site.

Councillors currently serving on Hexham Town Council and the Council Officers are listed below,  with contact details:


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Gilesgate Ward (5 Members)  
Cllr T Cessford
Councillor Trevor Cessford 
T: 07779 983761
Councillor Mrs D Bell 
T: 07443 619119
Councillor John Ord 
T: 07878 982712
Councillor Tom Pearson 
M: 07735 701701
   Councillor S A Ball

T: 01434 602343

Priestpopple Ward (5 Members)
Councillor R Hull 
The Deputy Mayor
T: 07785 790841

Cllr J Graham

Cllr J Graham

Councillor J M Graham 
T: 01434 602178

Cllr Mrs C Hanley

Cllr Mrs C Hanley

Councillor Mrs C Hanley 
T: 01434 606760
Councillor Mrs C R Homer
T: 01434 694026
Councillor Edd Green 
M: 07756 780000 
 Leazes Ward (4 Members)  
2015-16 Deputy Mayor Cllr T Gillanders

The Mayor Cllr T Gillander

Councillor T G E Gillanders 
The Mayor
T: 01434 600560

Cllr J V R Hare

Cllr J V R Hare

Councillor J V R Hare 
T: 01434 608319
Councillor Derek Kennedy 
T: 01434 607669


Awaiting Photograph



Councillor Tom Dodds 
M: 07823 481426
Town Clerk   
Mrs Jane Kevan
Town Clerk 

Council Office
St Andrew’s Cemetery
West Road
NE46 3RR
T: 01434 609575