Message from the Mayor


Hexham Town Council had planned a celebratory picnic with 1940’s music in the Bandstand in the Abbey Grounds to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day at lunchtime on Sunday 10 May. Clearly in the present circumstances this is not possible.

Nevertheless I think it is important that Hexham does celebrate the end of the war and the contribution made by the people of Hexham to the war effort and I’d like therefore to encourage as many residents as possible to take part in a ‘Stay at Home Street Party’ across Hexham on VE Day itself, Friday 8 May. Decorate your house in red, white and blue and enjoy a picnic in your front garden observing the social distancing rules we’ve all come to accept. Let’s demonstrate the kind of community spirit that makes Hexham the happiest place to live in the country and is helping us pull together to get us through the present coronavirus crisis.

Keep safe,

Bob Hull

Mayor of Hexham