Our Town Mourns the Passing of the Queen

“Sad news, Her Majesty The Queen served our nation for so many years with grace and dignity. Many in leadership roles can learn from her outstanding duty and behaviour.
King Charles III has been in waiting a long time and the nation will look to him for wisdom and guidance. We thank you Queen Elizabeth II for your service. Long live the King.”

Hexham Mayor Derek Kennedy and Hexham Town Council.

  • If people wish to leave flowers in Hexham, there is a dedicated area for this between the War Memorial and the Abbey’s front car park. Please do not leave any plastic wrap on the flowers and note flowers cannot be left in or outside the Abbey.
  • Books of Condolences are at the Queen’s Hall and Wentworth Leisure Centre.
  • There will be a Service of Prayer and Reflection at the Abbey today, 9 September, at 6.30pm.